Allison Kraus, Ph.D.


Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Montana

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Click here to watch Dr. Kraus's presentation at the 2018 CJD Foundation Family Conference in Washington, D.C.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced naturally by the immune system as a defense response to invading pathogens. Recently, we have shown that hypochlorous acid solutions are potent inactivators of prions and I have evidence that human immune cells can inactivate prions through production of HOCl and related compounds. The objectives of my research include investigating how HOCl and ROS species produced in a host can influence prion inactivation and removal following prion infection.

Dr. Kraus is the recipient of:

  • The Jon Fansler Memorial Grant, contributed by Rhonda Fansler
  • The John Gill Memorial Grant, contributed by Lisa Marie Gill Braun
  • The Eugene A. Riedel Memorial Grant, contributed by Jacqueline Riedel
  • The Tom Stivison Memorial Grant, contributed by Cookie Stivison
  • The Vincent Walsh Memorial Grant, contributed by Sue Walsh