The Dora Middendorf Memorial Grant

Contributed by: 

Renee Middendorf and Family

Research Grants Supported

Professor Parmjit Jat, Lecturer Melissa L.D. Rayner, and Simon Mead, PhD, 2023
MMRC Prion at UCL, Institute of Prion Diseases
"Elucidating the factors required for propagating human CJD prions"

Wenquan Zou, MD, PhD and Katsumi Doh-ura, MD, PhD, 2022
Case Western Reserve University and Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
"Assessing Prophylactic and Therapeutic Efficacy of a Cellulose Ether Compound TC-5RW on CJD"

Natalia do Carmo Ferreira de Araujo, PhD, 2020
Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIH/NIAID
“Evaluation of new anti-prion drugs: from drug design to therapeutic efficacy against human prions in vitro, ex-vivo and in vivo”