Family Fundraisers

Family members often ask, "How can I help raise funds to support the mission and programs of the CJD Foundation?" The CJD Foundation and the families we support deeply appreciate your interest to raise funds for our shared cause.

In addition to the Foundation's Strides For CJD event, we've included some popular fundraisers that were organized by relatives and friends of CJD patients.

Other successful fundraising events have included golf outings, miniature golf tournaments, "dive-in" movies, bingo parties, Cookies & Cocoa for a Cure, and auctions.

Review our guidelines to ensure that you are aware of potential needs or issues regarding your event/promotion and assist you in your efforts.

All fundraising event/promotions for the benefit of the CJD Foundation must be approved in advance. Please complete the Event Request Form and submit it to the CJD Foundation no less than 60 days prior to the proposed promotion or event start date before approval can be granted. If needed, special time accommodations to the 60-day period can be requested by contacting the CJDF at 800-659-1991 or

The CJD Foundation name, logo, or mission may not be used in any way without advance written approval from the CJD Foundation.

If you'd like us to promote your upcoming fundraiser on this website, contact us. Be sure to send us your event pics so we can share them online and via social media!

If you want to start your own fundraising page, click here.

Since 2013, the Piriz family has raised more than $40,000 via the CJD Foundation’s Friendraising page, a large bake sale, a T-shirt sale, and their first Annual Family Fundraiser in August 2015. The familial prion disease, Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker disease (GSS), has taken the lives of two family members: Sonia, at the age of 61, and José, at the age of 36.

For several years, Ed Snively and his daughter, Nikki Bland, have hosted a Golf Outing in memory of their wife and mother, Marsha. What started as a small fundraiser in 2012 has grown to a multi-state event, with the launch of the inaugural West Virginia Memorial Golf Outing in 2016. To read Ed's story, click here.

McGill Comedy night fundraiser

Megan McGill held a comedy night fundraiser in honor of her father, Raymond McGill, who passed away from CJD, and her brother, Timothy McGill, a Staff Sergeant in the Special Forces, who was killed in Afghanistan. The proceeds from this fundraiser were split between the CJD Foundation and the Green Beret Foundation.

Joe Lozito ran the NY half-marathon and raised funds in honor of his sister, Lorraine Meys.

Click below to read stories of other marathoners who have raised money for the Foundation in memory of/in honor of their loved ones.