The Katie (Pohl) Dopirak Memorial Grant

Contributed by: 

The Pohl Family

This grant was established in 2019.

Research Grants Supported

Dr. Sarah Vascellari, 2023
Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Cagliari (UniCa), Italy
Development of a blood and urine prion diagnostic test for human prion diseases using the Real Time QuIC assays

Cathryn Haigh, PhD, 2022
Rocky Mountain Laboratories
"Regional tropism of sporadic CJD subtypes in human brain organoids"

Rodrigo Morales, PhD, 2022
University of Texas
"Development of a high throughput system for screening anti-prion molecules"

Valerie Sim, MD, FRCPC, 2021
Centre for Prions and Protein Folding Diseases, University of Alberta, Canada
"Strain-specific pathology and spread in prion organotypic slice culture assay infected with different strains of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease"

Emiliano Biasini, PhD, 2021
Dulbecco Telethon Laboratory of Prions and Amyloids, Department of Cellular, Computational & Integrative Biology (CIBIO), University of Trento, Italy
"Pharmacological Degraders for the Cellular Prion Protein"

Holger Wille, PhD, 2020
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
“Evaluating prion vaccines in transgenic mouse models of familial prion diseases”

Fei Wang, PhD, 2020
The Mitchell Center for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Brain Disorders; The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
“Generating Recombinant Human Prions in Large Scale for Structural Studies”

Jiyan Ma, PhD, 2019
Determining the therapeutic potential of anti-PrP nanobody
Professor, Center for Neurodegenerative Science, Van Andel Institute, Grand Rapids, MI