Program Grants

The programs of the CJD Foundation are made possible by generous support from many families who have been affected by CJD.  If you would like to honor or remember your loved one by sponsoring one of our programs, please contact the Foundation.  Options include:

Grand Rounds and Family Workshops:  Each year, the CJD Foundation sponsors medical education sessions at a number of hospitals around the country to help doctors to best diagnose and care for CJD patients.  When we visit a city for Grand Rounds, we often host a Family Workshop there as well, giving families access to an expert who can answer their questions about CJD.  (Grant minimum, $5,000)

Family Support Programs:  Contribute toward the costs of staffing the family HelpLine, managing and hosting Family Teleconferences and Speaker Series, and sending materials including Caregiving Binders to families with a recently diagnosed member.  Each week, the CJD Foundation is contacted by families affected by CJD, and we provide referrals, information, and support.

Funeral Education:  Sponsor programs to educate funeral directors through professional conferences, mailings, and other initiatives.  Unfortunately, fear and misunderstandings about CJD sometimes spur funeral providers to reject a CJD patient or place severe constraints on the arrangements.  We strive to educate those professionals and advocate for affected families.

Conference Speaker:  Sponsor a speaker at the CJD Foundation Family Conference in Washington, D.C.  A highlight of this annual conference is the chance for families to hear from experts in the prion disease field, and interact with them through moving roundtables sessions. (Grant minimum, $5,000)

Operating Fund:  Contribute to the cost of oversight and coordination of CJD Foundation programs, including managing the research grants program, attracting scientists to the grant program, scheduling grand rounds and family workshops, and supporting advocacy visits to Capitol Hill three times per year.

Special Purpose Grants:  Contact the CJD Foundation to discuss options that match your family’s interest areas.

For more information on these and other grant options, contact the CJD Foundation at or 1-800-659-1991.  For information on Family Memorial Research Grants, click here.