About the CJD Foundation Research Grant Program

After they have been affected by a prion disease, families and friends sometimes choose to support the cause in two ways: helping others who are affected and supporting research.  The CJD Foundation has numerous programs and opportunities for both.

Since 2006, the CJD Foundation has awarded 29 research grants to scientists from around the world.  In 2015-16 alone, the CJD Foundation awarded nearly a half million dollars to ten researchers.

Researchers receiving one-year grants are invited to speak at the CJD Foundation’s Annual Family Conference and they provide a year-end report describing the status of their study at the end of the year.

The CJD Foundation supports this research grant program, and other critical programs, from donations received.  In addition, the Foundation offers Memorial Research Grants, allowing families to pledge a grant named in memory or in honor of their loved one.