Support Groups

Families who are caregiving for a loved one with prion disease, or who have lost a loved one in the past, or are awaiting test results, have many questions and concerns. To assist these family members, the CJD Foundation hosts a number of support group options:

Teleconference Support Group - Several times each year, the CJD Foundation hosts a dial-in Q&A session for families affected by prion disease. Attendees include those who are currently caregiving, as well as those who lost a family member to prion disease in the past. The sessions are moderated by the Foundation staff and led by our Medical Director. Participants are asked what issues each call should cover. Topics often include caregiving, testing and diagnosis, transmissibility and infection control, number of cases occurring in the U.S., funeral concerns, and bereavement. In addition, participants share their experiences and suggestions and provide mutual support. At times, specialized calls are held for either Sporadic or Genetic groups. The Foundation also hosts a Teleconference Speaker Series, with CJD experts sharing updates about their work in the field, and answering questions from family members.

To check out our upcoming Teleconference Support Groups, click hereTo receive the dial-in number, call 1-800-659-1991 or email To hear recordings of past Teleconference Support Groups, click here.


Family Workshops: Local - When the CJD Foundation hosts medical education sessions in a city, we often hold a Family Workshop in that same location. The CJD expert who provided medical education also joins us for a Q&A discussion with family members in the area, moderated by staff of the Foundation.

To learn about upcoming Family Workshops, click here.


Atlanta Family Workshop, 2015

The CJD Foundation has hosted Family Workshops in the following cities:

2017: Birmingham, AL; Cincinnati, OH; Detroit, MI; & Charleston, SC

2016: Minneapolis, MN; NYC; Denver, CO; Tucson, AZ; & Southern CA

2015: Miami, FL; Indianapolis, IN; Raleigh, NC; Murray, UT; Atlanta, GA; & NYC

2014: Pittsburgh, PA & Austin, TX

2013: Cleveland, OH; Georgetown in D.C.; Nashville, TN; NYC; & Madison, WI

2012: Atlanta, GA & St. Louis, MO

2011: Eugene, OR & Portland, ME

Minneapolis Family Workshop, 2015


Family Workshops - Annual Conference - Each July, at the start of the CJD Foundation Family Conference in Washington, D.C., the Foundation hosts Family Workshops for those affected by sporadic and genetic forms of prion disease. To find out more, click here.


HelpLine - CJD Foundation staff are trained to provide one-on-one support to families who are seeking a diagnosis, are caregiving, or are grieving a loss to CJD. HelpLine staff can connect you to resources and experts, or connect you to another family who has had a similar experience and is willing to talk one-on-one. Call our toll-free HelpLine at 1-800-659-1991.