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2024 CJD Foundation Family Conference

Conference Deadlines
Monday, June 9th: T-Shirt Guarantee
Monday, June 17th: Hotel Block Reservation
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) is a rare, fatal brain disorder within a group of illnesses called prion diseases.
In the United States there are nearly 500 new CJD cases per year.
The incidence of CJD cases worldwide is one to two cases, per million individuals, per year.

How we’re making a difference.

  • We provide a HelpLine - 7-days a week - to connect families with resources they need
  • We offer referrals, support groups, and webinars
  • We help educate families, caregivers, medical professionals, and funeral professionals
  • We hold an Annual Family Conference that brings together affected families and prion disease experts
  • We collaborate with scientists, clinicians, medical centers, health authorities, professional organizations, and international patient associations
  • We offer a Research Grant Program with international awardees selected by our Scientific Advisory Committee

We earned a 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator!

Join us!

The 2024 CJD Foundation Family Conference in Washington DC will be held July 19-21.

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Show your support for those affected by Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and other prion diseases.