2018 Presentations



Robert G. Will, MN, FRCP(E)
Why Do People Get CJD?
Click here to watch Professor Will's 2018 presentation.


Allison Kraus, PhD

Investigation of Prion Inactivation by Reactive Oxygen Species in Vivo
Click here to watch Dr. Kraus's 2018 presentation.



Hermann Clemens Altmeppen, PhD

Investigating the Potential of the Neuroprotective N1 Fragment of the Prion Protein as a New Treatment Against Prion Diseases
Click here to watch Dr. Altmeppen's 2018 presentation.

David A. Harris, MD, PhD

Highly Synergistic Combination Therapy for Prion Diseases
Click here to watch Dr. Harris's 2018 presentation.

Carole Crozet, PhD (on behalf of Sylvain Lehmann, PhD)

COMING SOON - Innovative Human 3D Neural Network Model for the Efficient Propagation of Human Prions
COMING SOON - Click here to watch Dr. Crozet's 2018 presentation.


Leonardo Cortez, PhD

Isolation and Strain-Specific Characterization of Pathogenic CJD Prion Particles
Click here to watch Dr. Cortez's 2018 presentation.


Rodrigo Morales, PhD

Systematic Evaluation of the Zoonotic Potential of Different CWD Isolates
Click here to watch Dr. Morales's 2018 presentation.



In 2018, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the CJD Foundation, and family member/board member Trevor Baierl created this video.
To watch it, click the PLAY button below.

During our 2018 Family Conference, we premiered this video (also created by Trevor Baierl,)
"Outreach and Education: Families Making a Difference in Their Communities."