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David’s Story

David, an entertainment, lifestyle and wellness reporter at USA TODAY recounts his dad’s illness and processing grief in these articles.

“Spring is a time of rebirth, of resurgence, of flowers in bloom and pollen and sneezes. A time of change toward something brighter, warmer. This is the season we spring forward. But last spring, I fell back. I lurched, I crumbled, I screamed and no sound left my voice. I simply sat on the edge of a cliff, waiting, waiting, waiting for the inevitable event to happen, the moment my dad would stop suffering, and I could breathe again.”

“Six months explaining Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease to people. Googling the spelling, and still not knowing if I’m right. I send a link to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website instead: “This disease is rapidly progressive and always fatal. Infection with this disease leads to death usually within one year of onset of illness … one case per million population.””