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Janice Kennedy Hunter

September 24, 1945 – Oct. 23, 2010

Mom will be remembered as a very loving mother and grandmother who exemplified kindness toward other people. She was the most wonderful person in the world.

Mom started showing symptoms of CJD in the late Spring of 2010.  It started out a dizziness/light headedness which was diagnosed as vertigo.  It kept getting worse.  On July 4, we noticed a huge change.  She was stumbling, dizzy, forgetful.  After many doctor visits, hospital stays and tests, Mom was diagnosed at Duke Hospital on Oct. 3, 2010 as having CJD.  She died Oct. 23, 2010 at a nursing home.

We all miss her and still love her so much, and we cannot believe that she is gone.  I still get urges to call her up to talk.  It’s so weird not having her here.  Mom was the only parent we had.  She was everything to us. We love and miss you Mom!

Lisa, Rae and Stuart