Candace Mathiason, PhD

Grant Title: “Use of Blood-borne Prion Amplification Assays for the Detection of Human Prion Diseases and Biomarker Assessment”

Location: Prion Research Center, Colorado State University

Grant Year: 2020



This study will assess the use of simple, rapid, specific and highly sensitive assays to detect blood-borne prions. Early detection of prion disease will provide a biomarker for prognostication and development of therapeutic trials.

About the Researcher:

Dr. Mathiason is Associate Professor of Pathobiology and Director of the Office of Vice President for Research (OVPR) Program for Research and Scholarly Excellence (PRSE)- Infectious Disease and Rapid Response Network. Dr. Mathiason’s research focuses on the role blood and maternal infections play in disease pathogenesis and transmission dynamics. Her laboratory combines use of native and rodent in vivo hosts with highly sensitive in vitro assays to assimilate an understanding of the biological mechanisms associated with covert transmission of infectious agents. The intent of these works is to provide basic science principles for continued efforts to mitigate infectious agents via preventative, therapeutic and vaccine therapies.

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