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Brian’s Story

Inspired by his grandmother — the late Barbara Tanz — and her battle with CJD, Brian ran the 2016 Boston Marathon in her memory and is pursuing a medical career in neurology.

Brandi and Jeffrey’s Story

After Brandi’s father died of CJD, she and her husband, Jeffrey, made it their mission to raise awareness of prion disease. As hosts of Beverly Hills Strides for CJD, they have raised funds for CJD Foundation programs and research and lent support to affected families, as well as attracting media attention to the cause.

Amanda’s Story

Amanda’s Story Follow the journey of Amanda and her husband, Bradley, as they fight to have children free of the gene that causes Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker disease, a prion disease that has “stalked her family for generations.”

Sonia & Eric’s Story

Read the compelling story of Sonia and her husband, Eric, as they change career paths to become researchers and race to find a cure for prion disease, which runs in a genetic form in Sonia’s family.