2015 Presentations


Brian Appleby, MD
Prion Disease Basics
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Byron Caughey, PhD
Progress is Detecting Prions and Diagnosing Prion Diseases
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Jean-Philippe Deslys, MD, PhD
Human Mini-brains as a New Platford to Identify and Validate Pharmaceutical Compounds for the Treatment of CJD
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Julie Moreno, PhD
The Role of Cellular Chaperones and the Unfolded Protein Response in Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker Syndrome
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Christina Sigurdson, DVM, PhD
Mechanisms of Selective Cell Vulnerability in Human Prion Disease
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Wenquan Zou, MD, PhD
Developing Therapeutics for CJD Using Patient-Specific iPSC-Derived Neurons
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Emiliano Biasini, PhD
Pharmacological Chaperones for the Cellual Prion Protein
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Lori Nusbaum, CJD Foundation

Questionnaire Report
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Jiri Safar, MD, PhD
New Goals and Organizational Structure of the National Prion Disease Pathology Surveillance Center (NPDPSC)
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Ryan Maddox, PhD
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Report: Prion Activities at the CDC
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Kevin Keough, PhD, FCAHS
Alberta Prion Research Institute (APRI) Report
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Bradley Kalinsky, MD
After IVF with PGD
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Amanda Baxley Kalinsky, RN, BSN
Where Do We Go From Here?
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