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Rosemary’s Story

Rosemary Vaswani is a poet and wrote several poems about CJD in memory of her husband. Follow her on Instagram @rosepoemsthebitterandthesweet.

Michelle’s Story

Michelle is a freelance editor and writer based in Philadelphia, PA who describes her uncle’s symptoms and progression of CJD in her essay “Tangles,” published on her Story.

Joyce’s Story

Joyce wrote a “Tiny Love Story” for the New York Times titled “Our Goodbye” about her husband.

Brooke’s Story

Brooke is a Research Grant Recipient whose father had sporadic CJD. She is fighting for a cure and wrote the article “How I learned to stop researching and live in the moment” for the Neurology Journal.

Tom’s Story

In January 2012, Sherry Fabian (Sher), wife of Tom Fabian, had the idea to compile a Family Cookbook…

Kristen’s Story

Kristen’s mother’s CJD symptoms started when she noticed that her slippers kept dropping off her feet when she was sitting at a high-top table and then slowly other minor symptoms of confusion and losing balance began her interaction with a neurologist.

Mike’s Story

Mike wrote this song and created the video in memory of his wife of nearly 22 years…

David’s Story

David, an entertainment, lifestyle and wellness reporter at USA TODAY recounts his dad’s illness and processing grief in these articles.